Friday, December 27, 2013

A little on the late side.....

Hello!  I have a little different post to share today.  It's a bit on the late side but I just couldn't get the post written before now.

I turned 50 earlier this month!  I have been preparing myself all year for this.  I don't handle the birthdays with "0" on the end very well and I was determined this year it was going to be NO BIG DEAL so all year I told myself, "I am 50".   I pondered throughout the year the weighty things so when my birthday came what remained was, "Gratitude"! 

My husband told me to clear my calendar the first weekend in December as he had a surprise trip planned.  My thoughts raced all over the place and quite honestly, I didn't feel like going on a trip!  I put on my happy face, packed my bag and got in the car.  When we passed the airport, I was a bit relieved.  When we stopped in the middle of the city I was certain that my friends had cooked up an outing, what I NEVER dreamed was that my BIL and Sister would step out of a hallway of the lobby of a hotel and shout SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They drove 6 hours 20mph on icy roads plus another 5 hours just to surprise me.  My family kept this secret since August!!!!!  I have never been so surprised or felt so deeply loved!  It was a fabulous day.  

It wasn't just my family that placed a warm glow in my heart this month but also sweet friends!  

Isn't this a beautiful collection of cards!!!  

 Check out more beautiful creations from my talented friends (from left to right of the hand made beauties): tessaduck, Michelle, Janeen, Joyce, Janine, and rbkhandco. 


  1. Great photos - the happiness spills out of them. You did a great job of getting a group shot of your cards too. Don't forget age is only a number!

  2. Loved the photos and the cards are beautiful. I loved my 50's. Happy Birthday!

  3. i am so happy they did this for you. you all look so happy and enjoying the moment. and you had a birthday cake and it's still making you happy. what a fun surprise. thanks for posting pics.

  4. What a nice birthday! So glad the weather didn't hamper the plans.

  5. So very fun Angie! What a great story and what a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays! Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  6. WOW, Angie, turning 50 and I didn't even know that you had your birthday in Dec - I would have loved to send you a card!! So glad that you had such a lovely surprise to celebrate this great milestone!! I hope the next 50 years will be very, very happy ones for you!!! (I've got only 3 more years to go before I'm there!!!!)
    Great (late) birthday hugz!!


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