Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends!   Traditionally Thanksgiving is a time to think about what we are grateful for but what if gratitude was our lifestyle  and not just something we talk about once in awhile?  I want to be known for my grateful spirit, don't you?

It struck me last week that I am currently in a season of life which is overflowing with relational groups that encourage one another.  I am truly blessed!  This card was inspired by my walking buddies!  We have a wonderful time chatting while adding to our daily step count!

For today's card, I chose the  Holiday Wreath  and Joyful Notes Unmounted Stamp sets by Red Rubber Designs. The Holiday Wreath
 set includes three different wreath styles, an individual sprig stamp, two sentiments and a watermark style stamp for the back of the card!

Although this is a Christmas stamp set I turned the pine wreath into a
Thanksgiving wreath!

Isn't the watermark stamp the cutest?!!! 

Walking Buddies

Here's a look at the different ways this stamp set can be purchased:




  1. Love the card and the watermark, plus the super photo of your walking group. Great to have a support network - enjoy!

  2. What a wonderful card - and I love your attitude of gratitude Angie.

  3. OOh! That wreath is way cool. I like the melty look of the water coloring. Very nice!

  4. love love love the complementary colors you used and those "rain drops" that never seem to get used up out of my stash. one question, just HOW does the short one in the group keep up with your long stride? ;)


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