Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Cat Ate my Design Work?

The Cat Ate My Design Work?

I created today's project earlier in the week and then set it on the art supply drawers for display until I photographed it.  Today when I went to photograph the card, NO card.  I looked all around.  I knew it had been there and I also knew my Stormageddon had knocked some things over a few days ago and made a place for herself.

I searched all over the floor but no card.  Blog post due Saturday morning, no card.  It was the proverbial "dog ate my homework" story only it was my cat and I knew she hadn't eaten it so what did she do with it!  I finally found it in a drawer, apparently, she knocked it off when the drawer was open and I shut it without realizing it had fallen.  Oh, the joys of sharing space with a cat!  So without further ado let's check out this week's card featuring Spencer's Set from The Project Bin!

All of us at The Project Bin have featured projects for Autism Awareness Month throughout the month of April.  Each time I wrote up my blog and looked up facts to share regarding ASD I thought of my very dear friend who has a daughter affected by PWS. PWS is a complex genetic disorder affecting appetite, growth, metabolism, cognitive function and behavior.  PWS has many symptoms but one of the most challenging and potentially life-threatening is that the brain acts as though it is in “starvation mode” and doesn’t register satiety.  Click here:  PWSAUSA for more info regarding PWS and how you can help!

   With my friend in my thoughts this month, I thought I would create a card with the colors for PWS.  Traditionally the orange ribbon has been associated with PWS but currently red is also being used so for my card I chose Orange and Brilliant Red Brusho Crystal Colours for my layers. 

 One thing that brings us all together regardless of the syndrome, disorder, etc is love!  Love needs no words!

All month long Spencer's Set has been sold at the introductory price of $8.00 but you only have thru Sunday to grab your set at this great price as the set goes up to $10.00 on Tuesday.  A portion of the profits will be donated to the Autism Research Institute!

Check out this great set with four fun sentiments!
I used the heart die from In My Heart for perfectly smooth cutting around the heart!  

Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging in there to the end of this post!!! :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. wonderful card with great colours Angela
    gr karin

  2. Beautiful card fir a beautifully written awareness piece.

  3. Cool! I love your card and I'm glad the cat didn't eat it. My cat chewed the corners off a couple of cards recently. Cats suck.

  4. Lovely card Angie and great story of the missing card - I did get the "dog ate my homework" a few times in my teaching career!

  5. Sensational card, Angela! Thoughtful of you to think of your friend :)

  6. Pleased you managed to find it as it's a gorgeous card. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx


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