Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hole Foods

We all know that "whole foods" are good for us however I have to say that I would prefer The Project Bin's "Hole Foods" any day!  

Hole Foods is a super fun stamp set which includes a donut, icing and sprinkles along with eight fun sentiments!

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  1. Fun card Angie and cute set. That's the closest I can afford to get to a donut!

  2. This is a really cute card! I really like all those sentiments! One of the last times I ate a donut...I ended up in the emergency room. So, as much as love them...I try and stay away from them.

  3. Great card, Angela! What a fun new set to play with! lol :o)

  4. Great use of the stamps Angie - love the somewhat punny sentiment :-)


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