Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Inside Making Cards

Georgia weather likes to play tricks on us.  One day it's in the 80's then all of a sudden overnight it drops to 40's and that's cold my friends when you have been sweating just the day before!  So you dress in jeans and sweaters only for the weather to laugh at you in the afternoon as it climbs right back up and makes you roast in your sweater.  If you happen to be inside and can't turn on the heat because of a duct issue the cold will stay inside and you will shiver in your sweater only to walk outside and realize the weather has turned quite warm but didn't inform the inside of your house.  That's the kind of days we are experiencing but soon it really will get chilly and then I will be staying inside wrapped in my blanket making cards which is why I love this set of sentiments in the North Pole stamp set by The Project Bin.  

I wrapped the card base in warm tartan then stamped "tis the season to be freezin" on the stitched layer.  I stamped the first envelope in the middle then masked it off and stamped two more.  I added some fun sequins and "I'll be inside..." and that was it.   

Thanks for stopping by now I am off to go make some more winter cards before it gets too cold.  Once it's cold I like to make cards with cheerful flowers and butterflies to keep me warm!  

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  1. How cute is this and your description sounds like a well-written novel. and


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