Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WOYWW - Before and After

HAPPY WOYWW!   Julia at Stamping Ground is the hostess of this round-the-world weekly event to take a peep at our desks!  Julia has been sidetracked by a pesky gall bladder while on vacation so I am not sure if she will be up to a post but I am linking back to her blog and you can check out previous editions of WOYWW if she does not have a current one up.

So why don't I know whether Julia has a new WOYWW up today?  Wellllllll, my daughter and I are on a bit of a vacation being royally spoiled by my sis!  

There has been much hurrying and scurrying before leaving on this trip to IN.  A 14th birthday to celebrate among all the other activities!  I dashed off 3 cards scheduled to show up on the blog while gone and here is the aftermath of my madness!

  Storm on her shelf letting me know she hasn't been fed yet.
An upside down yogurt container (clean) that I use when I water color.
My favorite Candi foam pads, an empty Tombo glue container.  My notebook that I stamp my sentiments on to for centering before stamping on card stock are just a few of things scattered on this desk.

This is how my desk looks RIGHT NOW.  It's been clean for 5 whole days while I am playing in another state!

My DH saw the photo and said, "this photo makes your desk look messier than it is."  So there you have it.



  1. Love the photos - especially the cat on the shelf - I would never be able to keep an entire shelf clear for the cat - every tiny little space gets covered in something in my world - so well done!!! I love the swivelly hexagonal container - very cool! Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by my blog
    Diana #54

  2. I love your crafty space! Before and after! Kitty looks so comfortable on her shelf!

  3. YAY for vacations!!! I hope you have a blast!!!!! I am totally in love with the fact that your kitty Storm has her very own shelf in your craft room! I think everyone should have a craft-kitty!!!

    Glad you liked the embossing video. I'm all about crafting as cheap as I can!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Amy E. #13

  4. Oh, and I forgot...tell me about that notebook that you use to center your stamps??? How does that work?

    ...curious me!

  5. I just adore snooping around at all the desks for WOYWW. It makes my inner busy body so happy!!!!! I love both shots of your desk. Storm looks so pleased on her reserve shelf, well maybe a little displeased at not yet having breakfast. Your desk looks like such a fun place to play. I'm sure many happy hours have been spent there.

  6. Lovely workspace, and Storm seems very happy you have made her her own shelf :)

  7. LOL, Angie! I love before and after! That's what making cards is all about!! Pulling stuff out, making a card, trying to "regroup" and put things back so we can find it again (LOL!), and then doing it ALL OVER AGAIN! I love it! Have fun, sweet friend!

  8. Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by at mine, thank you, we have had a lovely day.
    I love your kitty friend and the desk is resting in readiness for your return.
    Have a great week away, Angela x #45

  9. Love the before and after shots. Prefer the before as there are so many goodies to look at. Great place for a cat to lay and supervise from. Diane #40

  10. ah Angie often think things look messier than they are in photos must admit would like to take the Gumption or Ajax to your green mat :D funny am messy but cant stand gunky mats... I use layers - lots of scrap or newspaper or junk mail when messing and so my green mat is quite pristine .. but hey, very messy! covered at the mo with things.
    .. a lovely crafty work area though could play quite happily Shaz in Oz.x #31 thanks o much for popping over.. have just joined your blog :D

  11. Hi Angie, Happy WOYWW and wow what a great desk to come home to, super clean. Do enjoy your little break away and have a great time, Cheers RobynO#21

  12. Hope you're having a good trip - and get back to your tidy desk soon, to un-tidy it, lol! Helen 11

  13. Hi Angie, I did try to post on here last night but I was having network issues arghhhh!! Lol out of the 2 photos..I love the top one 'cos it reminds me of my desk and you can't create unless there is mess :-). Isn't it great to go on holidays and get spoilt!! Happy WOYWW, and thank you for dropping by my blog.
    Janene #55

  14. You've got space to work, so it looks perfect to me. :)

  15. How fun for you to take pics before you left. Great idea using the notebook to make certain sentiments are stamped straight

  16. Oh, I love the before and after pics of your desk, Angie!!!! Even with the desk a bit messy I can tell that you are pretty much organised!!! My desk is 90% of the time in a messy state - even when I've made only one card it looks like yours' in the first photo!!!! You've got a lovely crafting space and I love the special shelf for Storm!!! Happy crafting!!!

  17. Love your kitty sitting on the shelf and looking down on your activities. :-) Brigita #60


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