Wednesday, January 13, 2021

January IO Favorites Hop & Giveaway

Hello!  Welcome to the new Impression Obsession Favorites Hop!   I think it's going to be a blast seeing what the team favorites are for January! Not only is it going to be fun to check out the favorites but there will be prizes given away too!  Check out all the details listed below! 

It's always hard to choose a favorite but the next two cards are among my favorites.  The first is the fun Crayon Element and the Sit in Silence sentiment.  There are a lot of different ways to use the Crayon Element stamp but I think it's fun to use it as a rainbow.  I added a cat from the Cat Set because there is nothing sweeter than having my cat on my lap while I am playing on my phone.  :)  By the way in our house having a cat on the lap gets you service!  "can you please get me a drink? I have the cat on my lap."  Doesn't matter who you are, one of us will serve the other when the elderly cat is on a lap!  :)  Of course, this sentiment could also be used for a significant other!  It's nice to hang out with my husband in silence and play on the phone!  Today we celebrate 31 years.  It's pretty cool after a year like we just had, that we can say, we would still rather be with one another than anyone else!

Next up, I stamped this lovely Together in Love sentiment on a Postage Stamp Cuts.  I added the sweet flower from the versatile Ribbon Box set.  I think the Ribbon Box is such a great value because there are so many ways to create with it!

Both of my favorites cards were inspired by this week's Art Nudge #43.
My colors are a little different but both cards are descriptive of the photo.  Togetherness, closeness, just plain hanging out together.

Now for the fun Hop Details: We will be giving away THREE Impression Obsession Grab Bags - so the more you comment through our Favorites Hop the more chances to win! Comments will be open until Monday, January 18th at midnight CT. All winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 19th on the Impression Obsession Blog.

The new stamps are available now! You can find them all HERE.

Next up is the super talented Anna Wight.  If you started the hop at my place, make sure that one of your stops is the Impression Obsession Blog!  :)  Good luck and thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. I love both of your cards! The cat and phone one really speaks to my house - not to mention the room service. LOL

  2. Beautiful cards Angie. Love the rainbow. Great way to use that stamp. Yes, the cat is in charge at our house too. Hugz

  3. Love 'new goodies' hops and seeing all the talent on display!

  4. That stamp about sitting in silence and staring at my phone made me laugh out loud! What a great way to make a rainbow, too. Love these cards.

  5. I am so totally with you on the cat on the lap thing. "Can you get me my tea, please. I would...but there is this kitty." Yes, the one with a kitty on their lap gets all sorts of favors....esp if it is our old 17 yr old Jetta! lol... Love your pretty cards, esp the one with that great sentiment and the cat!

    BTW....I host a week-long Cat Lovers Hop on my blog each October. I don't think I remember you being a part of it, but I would love to have you join in. Put it on your calendar!! This year will be our 7th year and it is full of feline fun and tons of prizes!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. Love the kitty. There is always one in my lap too.

  7. I love the kitties and the rainbow background! Great cards!!!

  8. Love the rainbow you created and the cat silhouette! Sweet cards!

  9. Nice idea share for the sets. I like the postage look for the frame.

  10. Marisela Delgado said: Those dies are awesome!

  11. Darling cards
    and love the
    pretty second
    Carla from Utah

  12. So funny! The same at my house whoever has the cat on their lap gets to be waited on. We both understand and comply with each others requests. Our cat has staff. Love the colors in your second card.

  13. What a testament to your marriage that after 31 years you can still sit in companionable silence - love the cat story! Both cards are beautiful Angie
    Stay safe


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